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Agnihotra is  from ancient wisdom, given in these times as an antidote to pollution.

People from all over the world practice Agnihotra and Homa Therapy with tremendous positive results. The immediate experience is a greater peace within oneself and one's family and environment.

Agnihotra is from the science of Ayurveda, reinvigorating and healing nature by purifying the atmosphere. It is a simple 10-minute process that involves a small fire burnt in a seamless inverted copper pyramid at the precise moment of sunrise and sunset.

Let's help heal the planet, perform Agnihotra for the benefit of all.

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Growing food

A very important practical application is the growing of food. Homa Organic farming utilises Agnihotra and other healing fires to vitalise, nourish and heal nature, producing chemical free food.










In the garden at Om Shree Dham, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. Summer 2012

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Spiritual growth and healing

Due to the positivity and vitality in the atmosphere and the stillness in the mind that Agnihotra creates, all spiritual and healing practices are greatly enhanced.


Health and well-being

Homa means healing fire. This therapy called Homa Therapy is having deep and fast results for all kinds of illness from arthritis to the so called incurable diseases, from hyperactivity to depression and psychosis. Negative habit patterns which are difficult to overcome, often simply dissolve.

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Agnihotra and Homa Therapy is freely taught and on a donation basis.

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