Homa Therapy Centre and Homa Farm

Om Shree Dham Homa Farm and  Educational Centre since 1994

At Om Shree Dham Homa farm, a high-energy transformative biosphere is maintained by environmental healing Fires. People have commented that just entering into this atmosphere they experience healing and balancing. Attending twice daily Agnihotra facilitates this and working in nature helps integrate the transformational energies that the Homas bring.
Meditation and healing is greatly facilitated, especially when performing the healing Fires yourselves. After a few days if you like, visitors are encouraged to learn how to perform Agnihotra for their own benefit. Other healing fires like Om Tryambakam Homa can also be learnt.
A unique and beautiful aspect of this system is the practice of Ahimsa (harmlessness to all living creatures). All of life benefits from the nutritionalised fragrant atmosphere and a balance is created in nature. Caravan stay and a self contained flat is available so that you can learn Homa Therapy by living it. At present we are building a Retreat and conference Centre that will also act as a Refuge.
FritsandLeeRingmaFrits and Lee Ringma, your hosts at Om Shree Dham, are also directors of Homa Therapy Association of Australia, a non-profit organization since. Accredited Homa Therapy Teachers, Frits and Lee Ringma, regularly have spent time under the instruction of Shree Vasant Paranjpe, preceptor of Homa Therapy, over a period of 20 years. Happy to pass on the knowledge gained, a 3 day course on ‘How to share Agnihotra’ is held at Om Shree Dham from time to time. Visit our Workshops page for more info.
It is our joy to share this crucial knowledge and lifestyle with all.