Heal Our Environment and We Heal Ourselves

A super science from Ayurveda

There is a super science from Ayurveda that can reverse the polluted conditions and lack of love in this world. Let me introduce you to Homa Therapy, for healing of Nature, ourselves and for sanctuary during the ecological turbulence over the years to come.

Due to pollution the planet’s ecosystem is deteriorating rapidly. The Stern Report revealed that 2/3 of the planets ecological systems are disturbed and states that we have less than 10 years before total ecological and economic catastrophe. Such reports often leave the public feeling powerless and not knowing what to do about these things or how to feel. Our sensitive youth faced with such a future often turn to drugs and denial in consumerism. The good news is that there is a solution – easy to apply and with fast results.

Homa Therapy is a super science from Ayurveda that heals nature. We have forgotten how to give back to nature. We consume and consume – air, water, the plant, animal and mineral kingdom – for food, shelter and energy resources. It is only natural. What is not natural is the over- consuming and polluting at the same time. We have forgotten how to grow food naturally. The use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides is destroying the delicate ecosystems of nature, creating disturbance in nature and us as we daily accumulate the chemicals in our body from the food we eat. And now with the growing of genetically modified crops we are disturbing the very fabric of life itself.

Homa Therapy is able to reverse the effects of pollution.

Even radioactivity can be neutralised with this ancient science. So what is this simple technology we call Homa Therapy? The key is a healing Fire called Agnihotra. A small fire is burnt in a small inverted copper pyramid accompanied by specific Sanskrit resonance at the exact moment of sunrise and sunset. It takes 10 minutes to perform yet the results are awesome.

It works according to the principles of resonance

“At sunrise the many fires, electricities, ethers and more subtle energies (or pranas) emanating from the sun extend all the way down to the coordinates where the sun is said to rise. It is awesome. The flood enlivens and purifies everything in its path, destroying what is impure in its wake…..” – Vasant Paranjpe. Performance of Agnihotra draws life sustaining energies, from this flood to the copper pyramid. Healing is thrust into the atmosphere. Prana in abundance is drawn down from the solar range enabling nature to heal itself. Everything is enlivened by life force called Prana in Sanskrit .The source of prana is the sun. A polluted atmosphere blocks and distorts prana. Distorted prana produces distorted mental states. To sit for Agnihotra is to experience stress melting away. If Agnihotra is performed as prescribed, the basic effect reaches up to 12 kilometers into the atmosphere and a ¾ km diameter around the copper pyramid.

Who benefits?

  • The individual who performs the Agnihotra.
  • One’s household.
  • One’s veggie garden or organic farm, one’s animals.
  • One’s neighborhood within the ¾ km area.
  • It has been observed that crime rates drop in areas where Agnihotra is performed regularly by several people.
  • The planet: Agnihotra de-toxes nature and us and helps to keep the energy cycles of the planet in harmony.

Homa Organic Farming

Homa Organic Farming is one of its practical applications at a very intense time in the world where shortage of clean food and water is rife. On our Homa farm in the Hunter Valley, NSW, we dramatically improved the quality of our bore water through Agnihotra and ash application. When we first sank our bore the water tested highly saline and far too alkaline for growing plants. We performed Agnihotra by the bore a few times and placed Agnihotra ash down the bore hole. With each successive laboratory test over a period of some months the bore water showed improvement until we had high quality potable water.

In Peru farmers who were at the point of abandoning their diseased crops and land are experiencing total rejuvenation of their crops through the application of Homa Therapy. There are literally hundreds of reports of wonderful results for every sort of crop and also for animals, bees, etc. It was noted by Agronomical engineers employed by the Peruvian Govt. that neighboring plantations also registered rejuvenation in their crops as Agnihotra covers a large area, while locals, sick with diseases such as breast cancer, asthma and skin problems were sitting for the Fire applying ash medicine (Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee) and experiencing all kinds of remarkable healing including healing of cancer. In fact there are several GP’s in South America whose practice revolves around Homa Therapy as they are having excellent results with all kinds of physical diseases including the so-called incurables. Please see www.homatherapy.org

Mental and Emotional Healling from All Over the World

The most wonderful reports regularly come in from all over the world in relation to mental and emotional healing. Here is a report that demonstrates how the medicinal atmosphere created by Agnihotra improves all areas of life.

A middle aged woman in Sydney, Australia took up Agnihotra. She practiced regularly in her garage. Her husband was not supportive or involved. He spent little time with the family and when home just wanted to be undisturbed with his TV and meal. After about a month of practicing Agnihotra this woman could not help observing great changes in her husband. He started emailing her love letters from work, he started requesting fresh, vital food , started drinking water and taking more time out with the family. One of the most beautiful things that happened was he started communicating with his teenage children and one evening at the dinner table tears came into his eyes as he apologised for being so remote throughout their upbringing. His feeling nature was healing. He also experienced healing of dysentery after a trip to Asia just by drinking water charged with Agnihotra ash medicine.

Agnihotra’s effectiveness is because it goes to the core of the problem – the mind.

As mentioned before prana and mind are inextricably linked. By healing the atmosphere the mind receives healing; so much so, that de-addiction has been known to occur in Homa atmosphere without withdrawal symptoms. Finally I would like to address the issue of earth changes, the reality of which confronts us every night on the news and for many, tragically, very directly through floods, earth quakes, famine, wars, plagues, violence etc all of which are occurring on an unnaturally intense level. There is definitely personal healing and awakening happening for many however the planet is still shuddering under the weight of pollution. Nature is throwing off this burden through what we call natural disasters.

The Protective Power of These Homa Biospheres

I would like to leave you with an account of the protective power of these Homa biospheres. The Bhobal, India, tragedy in 1984 – On Dec.2 1984 there was a massive toxic leakage of Methyl Isocyanine gas from Union Carbide factory killing 10s of thousands and maiming even more. In the midst of this horrendous occurrence, a miracle happened which made researchers all over the world sit up and think – 5 families in the middle of it all remained unaffected. The only factor that was different for these people was that they had been regularly practicing Agnihotra for several years.

Agnihotra is Taught Free of Charge

Agnihotra is taught free of charge by volunteers throughout the world. Lee and Frits Ringma operate a Homa Farm and Centre in the Hunter valley, NSW, where people can come to experience Agnihotra. They also travel out to conduct free workshops. Visit our Workshops & Courses page for more info.