Staying at Om Shree Dham

Om Shree Dham is a Homa Therapy Centre promoting wholistic ecology, organic farming and overall wellbeing. The Centre is nestled in a beautiful valley in the Hunter region of NSW.

We are happy to welcome you to our life-style where we practice Agnihotra and other Homas daily. These are simple practices from Ayurveda involving pyramid Fires and resonance to bring life force, nutritional fragrance and heightened vibration into the environment. This helps nature function at her best which in turn nurtures our health.

The main Homa is called Agnihotra and is performed at the precise time of sunrise and sunset, vitalizing all that lives within the biosphere- the trees, vegetables, wild life, ourselves etc. We invite you to stay with us and experience the effects this beautiful, rich environment has on your own health; mentally, physically and spiritually. You are also welcome to learn about the practices of Homa Therapy, a self empowering practice that you can continue at home if you wish.   See

It is this peaceful vital atmosphere that provides a perfect space for learning about Homa Therapy and participating in growing healthy organic vegetarian food, while unwinding in Homa atmosphere.

Accommodation, both caravan or BYO tent or mobile home.

Accommodation cost

BYO tent / campervan –   $20.00 per night. Extra person – $10

Caravan provided –          $30.00 per night. Extra person – $12.50 max 2 people.   (Not available in the winter period)

Accommodation fee includes access to a bathroom with hot water and a communal fully equipped caravan kitchen.


Bring your own.  For all meals please bring your own vegetarian ingredients. Dairy is OK but no eggs, fish or meat.

Special Conditions

1) Part of your stay includes sitting daily for sunrise and sunset Agnihotra

2) Regarding menstruation and Homa. When a woman is menstruating she is not able to sit for any of the healing Fires- Homas for energetic reasons. For this reason we ask that women plan their visit and stay accordingly. For more information please contact us.

3) Some help on the farm, Seva, is expected as service. Also working in nature is a way to integrate the transformational energies of the Homa biosphere at Om Shree Dham.

4) We practice harmlessness here therefore no killing of insects, etc. Only vegetarian food is allowed on the land. Dairy is OK but no eggs, fish or meat.

5) For energetic reasons Om Shree Dham is an alcohol/cigarette/drug free zone. (If you are a smoker you can smoke outside the boundaries of the property.)