Homas & Mantras

Below are the most frequently utilised Homas for Homa Therapy. Each type of Homa has a specific Sanskrit mantra that is recited during the fire. All the Homas in Homa Therapy are performed in an inverted copper pyramid of specific size, the same size as utilised for Agnihotra. It is best to reserve one copper pyramid for Agnihotra and another for the other Homas.

Select the mantra (AUDIO) link below to hear and read the mantras.

Agnihotra (AUDIO)

The primary Homa fire. This Homa is only performed at the exact moment of sunrise and sunset . Agnihotra is the “energy generator” for all of the other Homas. Both Vyahruti Homa and Om Tryambakam Homa derive their potency from the energetic foundation created by the regular practice of Agnihotra.

Vyahruti Homa (AUDIO)

This can be practiced any time, except at Agnihotra time to:

  • Innitiate all other Homas other than Agnihotra
  • Harmonise the Atmosphere
  • Innitiate new activities with a foundation of good energy (eg. a healing session, a meeting, a class etc.)
  • Help Resolve Conflict

This Homa is particularly beneficial to bring balance to the atmosphere.

Wonderful to start a meeting, gathering, project, class etc. It helps to centre people in the Heart and bring clarity to the mental atmosphere. Vyahruti Homa is particularly useful to perform when there is disharmony or conflict between people. Stop and perform Vyahruti. More often than not, clarity, harmony and solutions arrive after the Vyahruti Homa.

How to Perform Vyahruti Homa

Build a small Fire in the pyramid, chant the mantra once and from one full spoon add a drop of ghee after swaha for the first 3 swahas and then the remaining ghee on the spoon is added to the Fire after the final swaha.


Bhooh swáhá agnayé idam na mama

Bhuwah swáhá wáyawé idam na mama

Swah swáhá sooryáya idam na mama

Bhoor bhuwah swah swáhá prajápatayé idam na mama

Om Tryambakam Homa (AUDIO)

This can be practiced at any time except at Agnihotra time:

  • to fortify the atmosphere created by Agnihotra
  • to maintain mental and emotional balance
  • to help process ones issues

This Homa is an ongoing Homa.

It may be practiced for as short or as long a time period as desired. Practice of this Homa is a great aid in maintaining healthy states of mind as it helps to surface unresolved or suppressed issues. Depending on the issue it can often be an automatic process of purification, like mind-maintenance. When the issues run deep, the Fire brings them to our attention so we can work towards resolving them. This Homa has had tremendous benefits for those struggling with psychological conditions or addictions. This Homa is also very beneficial in clearing stress and mental pollution in the atmosphere. Hence on Full and New Moons, times when it has been witnessed that emotional disturbance and crime are more prevalent in society, it is recommended that people who perform Agnihotra gather together to perform 24 hours of Om Tryambakam Homa, around the peaking of the moon cycle, as a service to their community. Om Tryambakam Homa is also utilised for Organic Farming as it fortifies the biosphere created by Agnihotra and further saturates the atmosphere with the ghee particles carried on the smoke. Ghee is a carrier agent for the uplifting resonance of the mantras and the micro-nutrients.

How to Perform Om Tryambakam Homa:

After the Vyahruti Homa is performed, chant the Om Tryambakam mantra. At the end of Om Tryambakam mantra is a ‘swaha’ After the word ‘swaha’, add a drop of ghee into the Fire. Repeat the mantra and add another drop of ghee into the Fire. Thus you can go on doing the Homa for hours together. People can take turns doing this Homa. This way one can keep continuous Homa Fire going which strengthens the atmosphere created by performance of sunrise/sunset Agnihotra. See shop for auxiliary equipment for Vyahruti and Om Tryambakam Homa.


Om tryambakam yajámahé sugandhim pushti vardhanam

Urvárukamiva bandhanán mrtyor muksheeya mámrtát     Swáhá