Homa Therapy and Radioactivity

Experiences with Homa Therapy and Radioactivity The protective nature of Homa Therapy

by Karin Heschl
At the time of Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, we had a farm in Austria which was run on Homa Therapy guidelines. Our farm was located 40 kilometers from Graz.
After the government had informed the public about the Chernobyl disaster, they came forward with some regulations for farmers. Every farmer supplying milk and vegetables was asked to bring a sample of the milk, vegetables and fodder to the nearest control station, so scientist could test it for the degree of radioactive pollution.
After we submitted our samples, the scientists asked us to come to the control station as there was some confusion about our samples. Our milk, vegetable and fodder samples showed only normal level of radiation. Similar samples from surrounding area farms showed very high levels of radio activity.
The scientists told us that after the Chernobyl accident,  our sample results were actually impossible. They asked what special things we were doing on the farm, if any. I told them that we were performing Agnihotra pyramid fire daily at sunrise and sunset, as well as four hours Om Tryambakam Homa. In addition on full and new moon days we also did 24 hrs of this fire. We also used Agnihotra ash in all our farming practices.
However, the scientists could not comprehend what we were talking about, even though they had the results in their hands! At that time I did not realize the great significance of these results. Now I know.