Homa Farming Methods


Agnihotra is Great for Growing Food

There are 3 levels to introducing Agnihotra and Homa Therapy to the land.

Level 1

Take up Agnihotra Start incorporating twice daily Agnihotra into your life at home for at least 1 month. This way you will familiarize yourself with the pivotal practice and experience its benefits. At this stage you can start experimenting with the resultant healing ash. This ash is full of Prana [lifeforce] and all micro-nutrients required for nature’s health. To a portion of your crop, fruit trees, vegie garden etc apply the ash to the soil and water in. After a week or 2, compare. Or you can prepare ash spray [see below] and spray on the foliage and compare.

Level 2

Compliment your organic farming techniques with Agnihotra and ash application.

  • Twice daily perform Agnihotra on the land that is being farmed.
  • Sprinkle ash around the base of plants prior to rain or water in.
  • Add Agnihotra ash layers to the compost- Through the Homa effect, beneficial microorganisms develop in the biomass of the compost which accelerate the biodegradation and enrich the content.
  • Install Biosol HOMA bio-fertilizing system. Biosol is a Homa compost that is producing amazing growths rates. It produces both a liquid and solid component, the liquid component requiring dilution in Agnihotra ash water at varying dilution ratios depending on the need. It is a liquid fertilising system that covers acerage.
  • Expose seeds to Agnihotra by placing on East side of pyramid for a sunset followed by sunrise Agnihotra. Soak seeds in Agnihotra ash and cow urine. Wrap in fresh cow manure, spread out on racks until semi dry. Crumble into seed beds.
  • Plant the seeds and seedlings with ash. Sprinkle ash around the rootlets of the seedlings.
  • Put ash in the water source that is used to water the plants.
  • Agnihotra ash spray- Spray foliage regularly with water charged with Agnihotra ash. Take a large – preferably copper container or drum [44 gallon]. Add a couple of handfuls of Agnihotra ash, stir in once and leave exposed to the sun for 3 days, protecting from rain, debris and animals. Filter the water through a fine sieve into a clean spray pack and spray foliage and around the base of plants. In diseased conditions spray every 2nd day before sunrise or after sunset, alternating with Biosol spray and then bring back to a maintenance level eg once a week -ash water spray alternating with Biosol.

Level 3

Homa Organic Farming Add Resonance and Om Tryambakam Homa to Level 2 practices: If you have diseased or poor conditions on your land or if you want to adopt Homa farming in its entirety for enhanced wellbeing of the land both physically and energetically.

  • Resonance – To cover an area of up to 200 acres with the benefits of Homa Therapy in a concentrated fashion, evenly over the land, a system of Resonance can be installed. This involves activation of 10 copper pyramids with specific mantras. These pyramids are placed on columns of soil and are called resonance points. An Agnihotra hut and an Om Tryambakam hut are also required. Resonance is installed on your land by certified Homa Therapists. For Australasia Contact Frits and Lee Ringma.
  • Om Tryambakam Homa – Perform a minimum of 4 hours of Om Tryambakam Homa daily and 24 hours on Full and New Moons to fortify the biosphere created by Agnihotra. This can be done with a group of people by rostering. As well as environmental wellbeing tremendous healing of body, mind and emotions takes place with the practice of Agnihotra and this complimentary Homa.
  • Yantras (Optional )- one can also place Copper Yantras half meter under ground, facing up. @ 1 per Acre. The Shree Yantra is a resonance plate. See shop
  • Biosol Homa Bio-Fertilizing System Spray for maintenance and as a treatment for insect plagues and diseases of the crops. See Biosol PDF below.