Agnihotra & Homa Therapy as Medicine

Agnihotra Heals the Mind and Emotional Body

When sitting for Agnihotra stress dissolves and the mind is effortlessly brought into balance, harmony and centeredness. Meditation comes very easily and deeply in the atmosphere of Agnihotra. All the subtle bodies are instantly aligned when the mantra is uttered at the correct time of Sunrise or Sunset. Because of this it is an optimum time to visualise, affirm, pray, meditate, send healing etc.

Om Tryambakam Homa is Good Psychotherapy

When combining Om Tryambakam [eg 1 hour per day] with daily performance of Agnihotra, you will find it is an effective means to ‘process stuff’. You can sit down to perform Om Tryambakam Homa in a troubled, anxious, disturbed, shattered or scattered state of mind and get up an hour later, for example having reached some resolve or balance and peace. Try it! However it should be noted that one never replaces the performance of Agnihotra with Om Tryamabakam Homa as Agnihotra is the energy generator for all other Homas making them effective.

Deep Healing of the Subconscious

Agnihotra transforms the mind. Physical and emotional health depends on one’s thought patterns and karma. True healing starts in the mind. It is said in the bible- “ Be ye transformed by the renewal of the mind”. This is precisely what Agnihotra helps to do and this renewal is quickened when adding Om Tryambakam Homa to your daily disciplines. Agnihotra creates a good foundation for self-enquiry, the foundation of a happy mind, when all stress and tension on the mind are dissolved. Agnihotra is highly conducive to the ‘witness state’ or non-attachment.

Generational Patterns

In fact when Agnihotra and Homa Therapy is seriously incorporated into ones daily life, healing of generational patterns takes place, releasing 7 generations before us and 7 generations ahead of us.


Any form of addiction, whether to drugs, cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, food, sex, obsessive thoughts, destructive behaviour etc, is an attempt to find some relief in life, some happiness. Repeating this behaviour forms grooves in the mind which are very difficult to erase. Agnihotra transforms the mind. As such Homa Therapy lends itself to de-addiction. It is known in Homa Therapy that detoxification of addictive substances takes place without painful withdrawal symptoms.A De-addiction program has been developed utilising Homa Therapy which involves:

  • A live-in period in Homa atmosphere.
  • Twice daily sitting for Agnihotra.
  • 1 Hour of performing Om Tryambakam daily.
  • Work in Homa atmosphere in Nature. Working in nature is very healing for the mind and body and is immensely so in Homa atmosphere.
  • Healthy vegetarian diet including 1 week of juice fast.
  • Evening program to help the mind to develop positive patterns – similar to the 12 step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Agnihotra Ash Medicines

There are 100’s of documented reports from medical doctors in Sth America re the healing of all sorts of problems including the so-called incurable diseases. See

Agnihotra and its Ash

The ash from Agnihotra is highly medicinal. It is full of Prana and all micro nutrients in perfect balance for health. Only the ash from Agnihotra is medicinal. The ash from Om tryambakam or other Homas is not medicinal. The ash must be fully consumed by the Agnihotra Fire. If the burning is incomplete the ash is not medicinal. You will notice the rice remains as black granules. That is still fully consumed. The ash is more efficacious when taken in combination with regular performance of Agnihotra. Also it is more beneficial when actually performing Agnihotra than simply just sitting in. If there are several people in the family or community open to Agnihotra it is optimal for the healing of the environment and for the healing of the individuals to each have a pyramid and to each do Agnihotra. The more Agnihotras performed in an area the greater the healing on all counts.

To Detox, Maintain Health and for Treatment of Illness

See Monica Koch’s book ‘Homa Therapy, The Ancient Science of Healing’

In General

  1. Perform Agnihotra twice daily or as often as your life style will allow. Sit with spine straight and directly square with the pyramid on the East or West side. A sick person or animal should sit as closely to the Eastern side of the pyramid as possible. Just before Agnihotra take a pinch of ash on its own or in water.
  2. Take ½ tsp ash at least 3 times per day.
  3. Put a tsp of ash in a jug of water. Stir around and let settle. Allow the ash to charge up the water for 3 days. Let that be the water you and your family drink. Thereafter keep topping up with water and every now and then add more ash. The jug needs to be of glass or ceramic, not plastic or metal other than copper.
  4. Put a couple of handfuls of ash regularly in your water tank or water supply eg once a week.
  5. Make a ready supply of ash and ghee ointment or crème and apply to any problem area such as a bruise, a twisted ankle, skin problems like psoriasis or eczema, over a painful organ or in the area of a tumour, on a sore throat etc. Apply ash and ghee on an open wound, except a ‘wet’ oozing wound, then apply dry Agnihotra ash powder,. The ghee will conduct the healing qualities of the ash into the body where it is required.
  6. Purify and magnify the healing properties of any natural remedy by placing on the Eastern side of the pyramid at Agnihotra sunset and leave there to receive the benefits of Agnihotra sunrise.

How to produce Agnihotra Ash medicines eg. suppositories, crèmes, eye drops etc – see Homa Therapy the Ancient Science of Healing.