Daily Healing Program

Homa-Centre-progress4Sunrise Agnihotra 20 min. meditation – Required to attend.

10.00 am Vyahruti Homa ,15 min. meditation.

12.00 midday Vyahruti Homa followed by Gayatri mantra 15min.

3.00 pm Vyahruti Homa ,15 min. meditation.

Sunset Agnihotra 20 min. meditation – Required to attend.

9.00 pm Vyahruti Homa 15 min.

Om Tryambakam Homa.

This program is complimented by 4 hrs of Om Tryambakam Homa taken in turns at various times throughout the day and as many hours of Om Tryambakam on full and new moons as possible.

Weekly Programme

Satsang Sundays 10.30 Gatherings. Talks on Agnihotra are available on request. Singing and drumming, meditation with the healing Fire, mandala drawing etc, A vegetarian midday feast.

Special Homas

Rudra a planetary healing Fire, which goes for approx. 2 hours and can bring great transformation. Very worthwhile attending.

24 Hour Healing Fires on full and new moon, depending on availability of people, we maintain Om Tryambakam Homa for 24 hours through roster. Those who perform Agnihotra can perform this Homa and those who wish to benefit from the healing and uplifting energies created can sit in. Good time to plan a visit!